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Why local honey?   Here's why!

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     Our honey is not heated.  Heating destroys many of the enzymes whiclocal honeyh make honey an excellent product for health. 
Heating also affects taste. Commercial/grocery store honey is heated for two BIG reasons:

Shelf life - heated honey will not crystallize for a very long time. 

Time! - Commercial honey is pressure filtered. To accomplish this fine filtration, the honey must be heated to make it thinner so it will flow through the filter; otherwise, it would take hours and hours to filter, if it could even be done. These ultra-fine filters strip much of the goodness from the honey.

     We spin the honey from the combs and strain lightly so all the natural goodness is preserved. We hope you enjoy every precious drop of this amazing product. 
Remember, your purchase of local honey supports beekeeping and honeybee pollination in your community. Our honey is of mixed floral sources.  Thanks!

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