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From Greenprints, to Bee Culture, and then Guideposts, now her book is ready. Meet "The Bumbleberry Lady" 

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and now, her latest endeavor:

Trendle Ellwood's Impressions

     Trendle's Book is also available locally in Lancaster at: 

 "House of Blessings"

1295 Lincoln Ave.


Trendle Ellwood - Ohio Homestead's Recipes & Recollections of a Season

Trendle's book is finished!

Trendle Ellwood - Ohio Homestead's Recipes & Recollections of a SeasonPacked with her favorite recipes and farm market memories, Trendle brings us a taste of the challenges and a sampling of the joys of her life next to nature as a homesteader. Join her as she taps trees for maple syrup and discovers the first snowdrops peeking through the snow in early spring. Walk alongside as she pursues the wild berry brambles of June and gleans the rustling cornfields in late autumn. Finally, snuggle in by the wood stove while the stew simmers during the cold of winter.

Order Trendle's book from (this can be a hard copy or a download!)



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